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Teen Depression Is Different From Adult Depression

Posted by on Thursday, November 19, 2009, 13:09
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Teen depression can even affect growth and development. Puberty may be delayed, especially if the teen is not eating enough. The teen who has already started her periods may find that they become irregular when she is depressed, or they may be more painful .

Abstract thinking skills and the ability to concentrate are both negatively affected by depression. Although this is also true of adults, ten’s thinking abilities are constantly called upon and evaluated at school, so there can be major, early repercussions such as school failure.

Difficulties with problem solving may make it more difficult for the teen to seek help or to benefit from it.

Teens are at stage of life in which major changes are not only possible but inevitable. They are used to change and may therefore be able to recover from a depression and its effects more completely or more quickly than an adult. This is not to say that depression in teens is a passing stage that doesn’t need to be addressed, but rather that adolescence is a window of opportunity to personal growth.

Teens may also be more willing to believe that things have improved sooner than an adult would, perhaps because they have had less experience of failure and disappointment, and thus have less on which to base a gloomy outlook.

It can be difficult for teens to talk about what they are feeling, especially in the early stages. In this regard, they are no different from adults. Unlike an adult, who has had previous episodes of grief or depression, a teen may not even realize that she feels sad.

Adults often feel embarassed about being depressed, as if they have done something wrong. This is much more rarely the case with teens, who seems to view a depression as something that has descended on them, or as someone alse’s fault.

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