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Substance Induced Disorder

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Hippocrates wrote, “People drink to alleviate fear and terror.” Unfortunately, the very people who have used substances to feel better often wind up with psychiatric symptoms that make them feel much worse.

It is fascinating that the behavioral effects caused by drugs so closely mimic the psychiatric symptoms we see every day in patients who are not using drugs. The brain has only a few different ways of going haywire (like depression, mania, anxiety, delusions, hallucinations)

These same symptoms can be produced either by internal problems in brain functioning or by intoxication or withdrawal from an external substance that triggers the same mechanism. A severe depression following long term cocaine use resembles Major Depressive Disorder. P

CP can cause delusions, hallucination, and agitation resembling Schizophrenia, amphetamines can mimic mania, and withdrawal from Xanax can look exactly like Panic Disorder. The term “Substance Induced Disorder” or  “Chemical Dependency” is used to describe the psychological and behavioral problems that are caused by direct effect of the substance on your brain chemistry.

You have a Substance Induced Disorder if:

–  You have psychiatric symptoms that begin during intoxication or withdrawal from a substance. These may include psychotic symptoms, mood symptoms, anxiety symptoms, sexual problems, or sleep problems.

–   The symptoms are not better explained by a preexisting mental disorder.

–   The symptoms disappear completely or almost completely within one month or so of stopping the substance.

You must always be alert to the possibility that drug use may causing your psychiatric symptoms. Whenever a psychiatric problems occurs only during intoxication or within one month of stopping the drug is probably due to effects of the drug

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