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Stress Management in Workplace

Posted by on Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 15:03
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Stress Management in Workplace

Stress has various sources in the workplace. Relationships with supervisors are a particularly important stress factor. Good interpersonal support from co-workers or a supervisor can alleviate stress.

A change in jobs, getting promoted or passed over, and being laid off or fired are all high-stress events.Attempts to reduce stress must take place on an individual and organizational level. Individuals can be aware of signs of stress related situations.

They can learn to avoid situations that cause stress or find techniques for reducing stress-for instance meditation. They can also develop successful ways of coping with stress, such as dealing with problems directly and rethinking problems to find new solutions.

Employers and managers can also become involved in finding ways to relieve worker stress, such as work restructuring or rescheduling, changing management style, and improving internal communication.

Granting employees mourning, maternity, and sick leave, when appropriate- as well as adequate vacations- is also helpful. Successful stress reduction requires a real commitment from the company and a willingness to allocate necessary resources.

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