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Starting Solid Foods

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Starting Solid Foods

Most babies are ready for solid food when they are six months. Each baby is different. Don’t compare your baby to other babies. Follow your own baby’s signs of hunger,fullness and interest in food .

There are some some signs your baby is ready to start solid foods:
Your baby holds her own head up.
Your baby sits with or without support.
Your baby likes to put things in her mouth.
Your baby makes up and down chwing movements.
Your baby breastfeed more than 10 times per day,or drinks more than 40 ounces of infant formula.

How to start solid foods
Pick a time after feeding when you and your baby are both in a good mood and she is not too tired. Start with a plain infant cereal fortified with iron. Fifteen millilitres (one tablespoon)of infant cereal mixed with 45 to 60 ml(3 or 4 tbsp.)of breast milk,water or infant formula is all you need to start. Keep the cereal very thin at first. As your baby gets used to it,make it thicker.
Start with rice cereal. Wait 3 to 5 days before you offer another cereal,and watch for signs of food allergy. Next offerbarley,oatmeal,soy and than wheat cereal. Offer cereal in the morning at first. After a few days,offer cereal after the evening feeding, too.

Sample meal plan-six to seven months
Time of day                 What to feed your baby

early morning            -milk feeding

morning                      -milk feeding
-30 to 45 ml(two to three tbsp.)dry infant
cereal mixed with breast milk,water or infant formula
noon                            -milk feeding

early evening              -milk feeding
-30 to 45 ml(2 to 3 tbsp.)dry infant cereal
mixed with breast milk,water or infant formula

night                            -milk feeding

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