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Special Treatments For Dry Skin

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Frequent steaming is not appropriate for dry skin. However, dry skin can steam once or twice a month for the hydrating benefits. Steam at a distance from the sun for two to five minutes. No heat should be felt.

Exfoliation is important for dry skin, especially because it is only cleansed once a day but because dry skin can also be delicate, use exfoliants carefully fire papaya enzyme exfoliating products are gentle enough for dry skin.

The alpha hydroxy acid products may also work well, but use them carefully and if fire  is any sign of irritation, reduce the frequency of use or discontinue use.

Aromatherapy treatments are good for dry skin if they provide moisture and oil as well as the essential oils such as a moisturizer or a cleansing milk. The essential oils that benefit dry skin include lavender, sandalwood, and geranium because they help to balance the glandular function in the skin. The gentle essential oils such as rose, neroli, and chamomile (Roman) are good for dry skin that is irritated or delicate.

Hydrating masks are excellent for dry skin and can be used once a week, or more often, if necessary. Do not use clay based masks unless they contain ingredients that counteract the drying effects of clay.

Eye creams are very important and should be worn during the day and at night. The eye cream should be a gentle formulation that contains good humectants, water and oils.

Misting may be the single best treatment for dry skin as long as it is done while wearing a moisturizer with a good humectant. Mist throughout the day and as often as possible.

A Suggested Routine For Dry Skin

Daily:    In the morning: Splash the face with warm water. Use an alpha hydroxy acid product for exfoliation, if your skin can tolerate it. Apply a moisturizer with a good humectant such as glycerin, panthenol, or hyaluronic acid on the entire face. Apply an eye cream and a lip balm. Mist. Evening:    Compress, cleanse, tone (optional), and moisturize with an aromatherapy skin cream or lotion. Apply an eye cream and a lip balm. Mist. Do not sleep with a heavy night cream.

Weekly:    Use a hydrating and/or conditioning cream mask. If you are unable to use an alpha hydroxy acid product, use a papaya enzine mask once a week. In this case, you would be using a mask twice a
week once for exfoliating and once for hydrating. Begin with  the enzine mask, then in two or three days use the cream mask.

Monthly:    Steam, as described under “Special Treatments” above, once or twice a month.

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