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Smoking An Unhealthy Habit

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Tobacco use is very bad bad for you. How bad? Read on.

There is overwhelming evidence to prove that smoking is extremely detrimental to your health and well being. You need to know the truth. I am going  to look at some plain statistics, facts and information, collected over decades, to show the devastation that smoking causes .

I will also give you some ideas to help you stop smoking. If you don’t smoke, well done; you can skip this. If you do, stub out that cigarette and take note.

Tobacco smoke is a major cause of premature death and mortality. The estimates show just how destructive the tobacco epidemic has been in developed countries over the last half of the twentieth century.

Between 1950 and 2000, about 62 million people died in these countries from tobacco use, most (52 million) of them men, with the majority (38 million) dying in middle age (thirty five to sixty nine years).

On average, those killed by tobacco in this age group lost more than twenty years of life expectancy. Currently, smoking causes 30 percent of all cancer deaths in the United States, making tobacco smoke the single most lethal carcinogen in that country today.

Few researchers doubt that repeatedly exposing parts of the body to the chemicals in tobacco smoke may eventually bring about the cellular changes that can lead to cancer. Studies also demonstrate that one in four deaths among males is attributable to smoking.

Smoking now causes about a third of all male deaths in middle age, plus about a fifth of those in old age. Smoking is the cause of about half of all male cancer deaths in middle age and about a third of male cancers in old age.

Indeed, analysis of the statistics shows that smoking accounts for virtually all the differences in cancer trends between men and women, and between countries. When the effects of smoking are removed,
cancer trends are remarkably similar, at least in middle age, for men and women, and for different countries.

This finding reinforces the need to sound the alarm bells even louder. National cancer control agencies should be blasting tobacco as public enemy number one in their fight against the disease. The epidemic has not yet reached its peak among women in any country.

Female deaths from smoking have become common in only a few countries (most notably the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Hungary and Ireland), but the death toll will rise in other countries where many young women now smoke.

Already in the United States, smoking is the cause of a third of all female deaths in middle age, and overall about 225,000 American women die each year from tobacco use. The mortality rate of females from tobacco use is expected to exceed that of males within about a decade.

Smoking, mainly of cigarettes, causes cancer of the lung, and there is strong evidence for its association with cancers of the upper respiratory tract, esophagus, bladder and pancreas, and probably of the stomach, liver, kidney and colon as well.

Whether smoking will result in cancer depends on several things, including the number of cigarettes smoked, the cigarettes’ tar content and, most important, the duration of the habit. Youngsters who take up smoking dramatically increase their risk. These dangers vary from one type of cancer to another. Passive smoking, or inhalation of tobacco smoke in the surrounding air, also causes lung cancer and other diseases associated with smoking.

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  1. 19 January, 2010, 20:50

    Great share, thanks! Here’s a tip for people who want to stop smoking naturally — take a deep breath each time you feel like smoking. Your cravings will go away :)

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