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Sleeping Problems

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Often it is quite uncomfortable to be lying in bed unable to sleep. The mind may be racing, and there may even be physical discomfort throughout the body. In that case, just let it happen. Remember that the purpose of sleep is to dissolve fatigue and stress from the system.

There is an old saying: Sleep is the nurse of all living beings. Sometimes repair is overdue. Perhaps a great deal of stress has accumulated and now needs to be released during the night. This repair work, or release of stress, can increase mental and physiological activity, which may be experienced as physical discomfort, racing thoughts, or feelings of anxiety.

If this is your experience, you should recognize these sensations of restlessness as a byproduct of nature’s repair work and not try to resist them or be worried about them. Instead, rest as comfortably as you can with your eyes closed, just not minding at all. Allow your mind to be easily aware of your body, and let the self repair process go on.

You may find from time to time that you have a sensation at a particular point in your body. If this happens, your awareness should move easily to that sensations. Whenever there is a turbulence in your mind, there is a corresponding turbulence in your body.

For every mental event there is a physical event , and emotion is nothing but a though attached to sensations. When you shift your attention from thoughts to sensations, you dissipate the strength of the emotion, because thought and sensation are no longer chained together. You uncouple the two.

Therefore, you can contribute to your attitude of not minding by just allowing your awareness to shift spontaneously to the sensations in your body and then spontaneously to the thoughts and ideas that accompany those sensations.

After some time, the physical discomfort will abate and your awareness will move to some other thought or other part of your body. Just allow this to happen as spontaneously as possible. This simple procedure of allowing your awareness to shift from another sensation to another just being aware of the sensations, the thoughts that come and go is in itself a very powerful and profound anti insomnia technique.

Before you know it, your awareness will spontaneously have moved from thoughts, ideas, and sensations to a deeper, self referral state of sleep.

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