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Skin Enemies, Sun, Sea, Smoke

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In addition to the aging process, this are things that we can do to our skin that make wrinkles appear in greater numbers and more quickly. Those things are the famous four Ss. They are Sun, Smoke, Smiles and Sea.
Some things that cause wrinkles can be avoided and some shouldn’t be. It is widely accepted that skin reacts to usage by wrinkling. Hence laughter lines and frown lines. While it is theoretically possible to reduce the eventual depth of these lines by avoiding facial expressions, this is not to be recommended ( unless you make your living playing poker).

There is a popular move in certain high profile strata of society to have some muscles of the face the forehead, for example paralyzed by special injections so that the muscles won’t move and your skin won’t wrinkle. To me this seems as sensible as covering your new couch with a thick plastic cover so it won’t get dusty. It may prolong that newly bought appearance but it ruins the whole think. You may have eternal youth as regards as your forehead, but in my opinion you end up looking a waxwork. Of course there are some people who would probably be better off and do less damage to the world if they could be a miraculously turned into waxwork models, but that is a separate issue.

To put it simply, a few usage lines are what make a face look like a face. What we need is a little selfesteem and a little self confidence. An obsession with preservation for its own sake produces an rather unhealthy appearance fixated personality. As one writer put it so well: ” When will the people who are incessantly worried about their reputation realize that that is their reputation?” The same is true of your facial appearance. If you are obsessed with your appearance, you seem to other people to be kind of person who is obsessed with your own facial appearance and nothing else shows. So, smile it proves you are not a waxwork.

In other hand weather is another factor. What happens to skin after it has been exposed to lots of sun is that it becomes coarsened. It wrinkles much more easily. If you combine the sun, the sea, and the cigarette, this is what happens to your skin: Basically, the skin loses even more of its elasticity than it normally would, it becomes incredibly wrinkled and puckered, and turns a sienna brown. In facts you basically end up looking like a leather purse with eyes.

So here is some advice. Take it easy with the suntan. Aside from the fact that actually burning the skin increases the risk of melanoma, chronic exposure to sun gives you wrinkles.

Cigarette smoke makes it worse, probably due to the tars in cigarette smoke (rather than nicotine, which is dangerous to most organs except the skin). So if you absolutely must smoke cigarette, then put a paper bag over your head first, with a little hole to smoke through. It may cause some adds looks at parties and dinners, but if you keep the bag over your head for the whole evening, nobody will know who are you anyway.

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