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Skin Cancer Cures

Posted by on Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 21:03
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There are three main types of skin cancers. The most common and the least dangerous is the basal cell carcinoma or rodent ulcer. This cancer is caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, commonly by sunlight, and therefore seen most frequently in people on Northern European stock living in areas of high solar intensity, such as the American South and West, South Africa, and Australia.

For the same reason it is more common on the face and the hands than elsewhere. It forms an extremely slow growing skin nodule that eventually ulcerates with a characteristically pearly margin. It may take several years to reach a diameter of even one quarter of an inch and, although locally invasive, it never metastasizes.

It is the easiest of all cancers to cure, and for this reason is often left out of gross cancer statistics. It can be cured by simple surgical excision, by low dose X-irradiation to the area, or even by the brief local application of intense cold. After any of these simple treatments local recurrence is almost unknown, but similar lesions may occur elsewhere, so continued surveillance is essential.

The next most common form of skin cancer is squamous cell epithelioma, which grows rapidly, forming predominantly to the regional lymph nodes. This type of cancer is also most common on exposed parts of the skin, but it can occur elsewhere. It can also be caused by local heat and chronic irritation, as on the lips and tongue of pipe smokers and trumpet players. It is usually curable by surgical excision of the local lesion with or without excision of the regional lymph nodes, if they are involved. Such lesions are also fairly responsive to radiotherapy, and the overall cure rates are reasonably good whether surgery, radiotherapy, or some combination of the two is used.

However, some patients with squamous epithelioma die from widespread metastases in spite of conventional treatment. As in many other cancer situations, the chance of this outcome can be diminished by early diagnosis and treatment. In general, squamous epitheliomas are fairly resistant to the cancer chemotherapeutic drugs available at the present time.

The most dangerous form of skin cancer is malignant melanoma (malignant pigmented mole). This cancer may arise in a previously benign pigmented mole or birthmark, which suddenly starts to enlarge and to bleed, or it may arise as a totally new lesion. It also appears to have a causative relationship to sunlight, and it tends to be a disease of much younger age groups than those usually afflicted with the other two forms of skin cancer.

It is usually a highly invasive tumor with early entry into the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and a correspondingly poor prognosis. The tumor is usually radiation resistant, and responses to chemotherapy tend to be minimal. If the tumor is still confined to its primary site pro mt surgical excision can often result in cure. When the tumor has already spread to the regional lymph nodes, local excision plus removal of these lymph nodes can still result in cure, but the chances of success diminish rapidly with the passage of time.

There is really no cure for disseminated malignant melanoma, but there is at least one ray of hope. Spontaneous regression has been reported to occur in quite a number of far advanced cases of this disease, and many such patients are now being treated by immunotherapy in the hope that a powerful immune reaction would overwhelm the tumor.

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