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It feels like a burning, boring or pounding pain on the front of your face across your forehead, behind or between your eyes, around your cheeks or ears you have sinusitis disease. Whether it is an occasional or frequent problem, here are some simple tips against sinusitis.

Steam up
Hit the steam room or opt for a hot shower or a pan of steaming water. Or stick your nose over a cup of hot tea or soup. Inhaling steam gets moisture into your nose, where it helps to liquify secretions that are blocking the openings to the sinuses.

Add few drops of eucalyptus oil to a pot of steaming water and hang the head over it for few minutes. Eucalyptus oil, is available at some health food stores.

Traditional herbalists have long used oregano to treat colds, flu and chest congestion. And modern medical researchers have determined that it does, indeed, contain compounds that help to loosen phlegm and make it easier to cough up.

Heat also seems to offer people  a fair amount of relief from sinus pain.

Bath your nose
A saltwater rinse is helpful because it washes away any thick and dry mucus, and there are some studies that demonstrate that use of a saline nasal spray improves the flow of blood through the mucous membrane.

Red peppers
Chemicals in red peppers trigger the release of hormones which May help open nasal passages.  So using a hot and spicy diet can prevent colds and sinusitis in the first place.

Facial massage or, better still, pressure applied with fingertips to several appropriate spots over sinuses helps to relieve pain and promote draining. Facial massages and acupressure can help relieve the congestion and muscle tension that accompany and aggravate sinus pain. Applying pressure on the top of or near the sinuses improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid through the sinuses, which is the key to cure sinusitis.

Fragrant menthol ointments, such as, Vicks are popular nose openers for most of people.

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  1. 2 October, 2009, 2:04

    sinus remedies…

    Here’ s where I engage the help of my trusty Netti Pot. Though it can be used daily for sinus irrigation, it can be especially effective during times of illness. I have one side of my nose that is more stuffed up than the other, so I started with the l…

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