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Should we bleach peoples teeth or not ?

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Should we bleach peoples teeth or not?

Bleaching has been part of the dental profession for more then 100 years. We haven’t seen such an interest in bleaching as today. This “need” is strongly related to the connection between people and the media. Enough to mention the impact that actors celebrities and public people have.

People feel the need to imitate the famous people including the whiteness of their teeth. Of course we can’t skip mentioning the fact that the recent 20 years the technology in producing dental materials including bleaching has advanced enormously, making bleaching application easier, safer and more efficient.

One of the most popular dentist prescribed methods of bleaching is home-applied belaching. In the beginning The American Dental Association (ADA) had concerns for safety and efficacy if patients would have managed correctly the instructions given from the dentist, and they published the conclusion after many researches that only ADA accepted products were going to be allowed for use as home-applied bleaching products. This in strict monitoring of the dentist prescriber.

So if there are so many concerns about home-applied bleaching should we still prescribe it? Absolutely YES! Not only it simplifies the restorative procedures, but it is a low cost, and efficacy incomparable with any other restorative methods to patients that “suffer” from unsatisfactory appearance.

Today researches and practical experience have shown that bleaching offers unique treatment to tetracycline stain embedded in the dentin as well as other intrinsic stains.

In conclusion i would like to say that BLEACHING is relatively the best way to avoid crowns, bridges, and veneers that not only come with high costs but are subject to high risk periodontal disease. There is nothing better then bleaching for people that are embarrassed to smile because of discolored color of their teeth. It can improve the patients quality of life and give them brighter smile.

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