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Share a Breath With Your Partner

Posted by on Thursday, June 25, 2009, 14:17
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With a partner, become aware of the palms of both of your hands. Rub them together or breathe on them or breathe on each other’s palm to awaken them. Then touch each other lightly, anywhere.

As you touch your partner somewhere with your palm, imagine that you are sending your breath into him, blessing him and letting him know on a very deep level how much you love him. Cherish the fact that he exist here, in a human body.

Receive Your lover’s touch so that you feel touched inside by his love. As you inhale, allow yourself to take in his essence’s, his touch, as you take in the air.

Now you feel your lover’s breath. Ask him to breathe on your chest, your lower back, between your shoulders blades anywhere. Use your imagination. While he does, breath with him. First explore pulse breath, when you inhale and exhale at the same time as your partner. Then try counterpoint breath, where you breathe in while he breathes out, and vice versa. Continue to enjoy the erotic experience of taking breaths together.

After sharing breath in this way for a while, you might like to try Spine Tingling Breath. Ask your partner to touch you very lightly along your spine, from your tailbone to your neck. Have him slowly run his fingers up, touching lightly. Then have him use just the breath touching your skin with his breath, up and down your spine, with great leisure.

Do this with each other and then sit or lie down and meditate with the breath.

One of the things you can learn from this exercise is just how electrifying breath can be. Memorize the feeling and let it permeate you entire body. Someone once told me that the feeling made them want to jump out of their skin. It is just that feeling you want to cultivate but don’t jump out of your skin. Instead, ride the electricity in the other direction and it will pleasure your nerve endings in ways of which you never dreamed.

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