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Sexual Vitality

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What increases sexual desire or the ability to function sexually?  Hormones, for one. It is the production of too little testosterone, which declines by an average of 10 percent per decade, that lessens sexual vitality for many people. Women produce testosterone, too.

Also, androgen, a substance that stimulates testosterone, varies considerably from one person to another. And for women, lowered progesterone and estrogen also effect sexual desire. In addition, ill health, poor diet, drugs, and psychological issues can diminish libido, whereas good health and a sexual vitality enhancing diet can increase and or sustain a healthy sexual drive.

Many men and women are looking for safe and effective ways to increase their sexual drive. Sex is not worth dying for, but you can be encouraged, there are safe natural remedies that include nutritional supplements, herbs, and foods that are very beneficial.

Both women and men need to be healthy to enjoy a sustained interest in sex. Diet is an important component for sexual vitality. The following suggestions may be helpful for you.

– Eat a higher fiber, low fat diet. A high fat, high cholesterol diet may lead to sexual problems in men by promoting plaque in the penile arteries.

– Increase your consumption of freshly made juicy and other raw foods. It is reported that sexual desire tends to improve when more raw foods are included in the diet. Drink two to three eight ounce glasses of fresh juice daily and eat more salads and fresh raw vegetables and fruit.

– Avoid alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol can cause a person to be less sexually responsive and aroused. Smoking tobacco can inhibit sexual function.

– Exercise to improve fitness. A nine month study of the effect of aerobic exercise on sexually was completed with 78 healthy but sedentary men.

– Vitamin C has been shown to increase sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm viability in men. It is also recommended for men and women who want to increase sexual function.

– Rutin, a flavonoid, has promise in helping to heighten libido and promote a greater orgasmic intensity.

– Zinc assists in the production of testosterone and sperm. Testicular function can be positively affected by zinc.

– Avena sativa is obtained from green oats and has been shown to enhance sexual vitality and performance.

– Chaste tree berries can help increase overall sexual vitality. This herb works by balancing the pituitary gland and increasing sexual energy when it is too low.

– Daminiana is an herd that is considered to be an aphorodisiac. It has been used by Mexican women as a tea taken one hour before intercourse.

Wild yam contains a compound called  diosgenin, which is essentially a progresterone molecule with a smaller molecular addition.

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