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Sex, Alcohol and Tabacco

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A repetitive theme of movies, TV, and popular fiction is that booze and sex go hand in hand. Consequently, consumption of alcohol is frequently associated in the public mind with sexual arousal. This association is justified to some extent, since small amounts of alcohol (one or two drinks) do promote relaxation and lower inhibitions, both of which can aid in stimulating sexual response.

But too much alcohol has just the opposite effect. Not only is alcohol powerful depressant, bit its overuse also has a toxic effect on the nerves. Getting drunk may not kill a man’s sexual desire, but it can definitely weaken or eliminate his ability to perform.

In addition, sustained alcohol abuse over a long period of time causes severe degeneration of the liver, culminating in cirrhosis. Liver damage can lead to a buildup of the female hormone estrogen in men and eventually cause atrophy of the testicles and a sharply reduced level of testosterone.

When this happens, sexual desire frequently vanishes along with sexual function. And abuse, a drug widely used to combat alcoholism, cal also cause erection problems. On the subject of destructive habits that some people consider “sexy”  heavy cigarette smoking, too, can take a heavy toll on sexual performance as well as on overall health and life expectancy.

Men who puff two or three packs os cigarettes daily have been shown to have a markedly higher incidence of erectile dysfunction than nonsmokers, along with much higher rates of coronary heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema. A primary reason for this is that even while the nicotine in cigarettes is clogging major arteries, it is also constricting small blood vessels all over the body including those serving the penis.

When a man regularly combines two or more of these drugs in his body as countless millions of Americans men do the full interactive effect on sexual function may be impossible to assess. But the odds are overhelming that it will be magnified and intensified.

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