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Sensitive Skin Treatments

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The Steps for Sensitive Skin

1. Compressing:    Use tepid or warm facial compresses, not hot or cold.

2. Cleansing:    Sensitive skin should only be cleansed one time a day in the evening using a milky or creamy cleanser. NEVER use soap on sensitive skin and never use scrubs or abrasive cleansers. Avoid cleansers with complicated and elaborate ingredients. Again, the simpler the better as long as the ingredients are safe arid natural. When using the cleanser, press, pat, and smooth it gently over the face. Do not rub!

3. Toning:    Toning is optional for sensitive skin. If you choose not to use a toner, you must be certain that you thoroughly rinse the cleanser from your skin. If residue from the cleanser is left on the skin, it could be irritating. If you do use a toner, use it sparingly, and only if your skin can tolerate it. It may be necessary to dilute the toner with water to make it more gentle.

4. Moisturizing:    Sensitive skin needs a good protective barrier because it can be irritated and damaged by extreme temperatures, pollution, and other environmental conditions. Just like other products for sensitive skin, the moisturizer should be simply formulated, without artificial colors or fragrances. Some active ingredients such as essential oils, may be too active for very sensitive skin. Facial oils can be used if the skin is not dehydrated.

Sensitive Skin Treatments

If sensitive skin is steamed, the source of steam should be a distance from the face so that it is not hot on the skin. This distance will need to be determined at the time you are steaming. For some steamers your face will be a foot away, for others it may only be six inches but you should not feel any heat from the steam on your face. Steam for only two to three minutes and only once or twice a month. Then, decide whether or not your skin is profiting from regular steaming. It may not be a necessary or beneficial part of sensitive skin care.

Exfoliation is not generally recommended for sensitive skin because it can be irritating. Yet, exfoliation may be beneficial and, in some cases, it is well tolerated, depending on the sensitvities of the skin. Of the two most popular exfoliants, green papaya and alpha hydroxy acids, the green papaya is better suited for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin can benefit from the rejuvenating and nourishing qualities of essential oils and aromatherapY treatments but some very sensitive skins cannot to’erate them. Look for products such as moisturizers, misters, and cleansers that contain very gentle essential oils such as chamomile (Roman), lavender, and rose in a low percentage such as 1 percent.

Both clay based masks and cream masks may be used by sensitive skin, depending on the ingredients and the level of skin sensitivity If the skin is dry and sensitive, use cream masks. If the skin is oily and sensitive, clay masks may be beneficial. Clay, in itself, is not a known allergen. If you choose to use a cream mask, check the ingredients. It may be wise for sensitive skinned people to make their own masks.

Eye creams are helpful for sensitive skin to protect the delicate eye area. As always, carefully check the ingredients for items you cannot tolerate. Misting is a wonderfully refreshing and hydrating skin care treatment and it is usually well tolerated by sensitive skin. For skin that is irritated or inflamed, misting the face with chamomile tea can be very soothing.

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