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Sea Vegetables

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Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables aid in the growth of nails, hair, bones, and teeth,reduce blood cholesterol levels, and aid in the functioning of all endocrine glands, especially the thyroid. Be aware that there is  a difference between eating sea vegetables and taking nutritional supplements. While sea vegetables can be eaten as frequently as desired,supplement intake should be carefully monitored.

Seaweed should be added to everyone’s diet in some form. It is a natural source of  trace mineral. It is rich in calcium,iron,magnesium,zinc,and all minerals. Hiziki,nori,arame,and kombu are used the most. Start with small amounts until you get used to the taste is soups and other foods. Seaweed is also a dietary aid for obesity and heavy meat eaters. All seaweeds are rich in calcium,iron,potassium,phosphorus,manganese,zinc,iodine and vitamins A, C,and B-complex, including B-12 which is rare implant foods.

It is derived from Pacific kelp. It has the ability to draw harmful pollutants,like lead,from the body. It is high in nutrients and minerals from the sea.

Arame is a black seaweed with a string texture, it has a mild taste and odor. It must be cooked for seven hours to make it tender, than it is dried in the sun.

Sea palm
A sea vegetable high in minerals and trace elements. Use it in soups, salads,and sautes.

Kelp is a native to the Atlantic, and harvested in early spring. This seaweed is rich in potassium,iodine,mannitol,and calcium. Kelp contains glutamic acid which acts as a tenderizer for cooking beans. It can also be eaten raw. Granulated or powdered kelp is used as a condiment or a flavoring.It is high in the major minerals;calcium,potassium,iron,and magnesium. It has been used in the treatment of thyroid problems. Try it as a substitute for salt. We recommend using kelp daily in the diet. It can be purchased in a helth food store in tablet form if you do not like the flavor. Use kelp sparingly.

Alaria is seaweed with a wild taste, it needs to cook longer than wakame.Cook at least 20 minutes to bring out the sweet,mild taste and chewy texture.It is rich in vitamin A,  B and calcium.

Kombu is a sa vegetable, high in iodine and trace minerals. It has been used for thousands of years for flavoring stock and as a vegetable seasoning.

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