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Remedies For Respiratory Troubles

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Following are various old remedies for the “unknown guests” that visit in the respiratory system, that is, in the nose, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. I have also listed fevers here, since they are often a result of respiratory infections.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the simplest remedies are the least beneficials. Modern medicine has recently thrown its weight behind the former “old wives tales” of hot chicken soup and almost everything containing garlic as effective cure for cold symptoms.

Indeed, some studies suggest that virtually and inhaled steam is beneficial, so a cup of steaming herbal tea should not be dismissed as lacking preventive and restorative powers. Likewise, do not dismiss persistent  respiratory ailments as being too minor for experts diagnosis and advice.

Colds Remedies

  1. Make a sandwich of whole wheat bread, raw yellow onion, a good half inch of horseradish, cheddar cheese. A daily dose will prevent the common cold.
  2. Feed a cold, starve a fever.
  3. Take chicken soup steaming hot and seasoned with garlic.
  4. Ingest raw garlic to stop a sneezing fit.
  5. Use garlic, onions, thyme, sage, and vitamin C regularly to help prevent cold and infections.
  6. Hot buttered Rum.
  7. Drink hot water laced with lemon juice and honey.

Sore Throats Remedies

  1. Drink ant hot liquids.
  2. Suck on horehound drops.
  3. Suck on zinc lozenges.
  4. Add salt and pepper to apple cedar vinegar and gargle with the mixture.
  5. Gargle frequently with warm salt water.
  6. Gargle with a warm infusion of acrimony, sage, or rosemary or with a tincture of purple cone flower.

Asthma Remedies

  1. Drink chamomile tea, a natural antihistamine.
  2. If your asthma is allergy based and pollen is the source of your trouble, add honey to any tea and drink it .
  3. Grate some horseradish and sniff of it liberally to clear the sinuses .
  4. Inhale eucalyptus in a bouquet, from a scented pillow or sachet, or from a heat ring treated with a couple of drops of the essential oil.
  5. Take a table spoonful of English or white mustard seed, in molasses or water, morning and evening.

Coughs Remedies

  1. Take a phlegm reducing infusion made with hyssop, anise, elder, or goldenrod.
  2. Make a tea of horehound, ground ivy, angelica, red clover, wild cherry, or elecampane roots.
  3. Drink an infusion of honey suckle leaves and flowers.
  4. Decoct quince seeds, about 1 ounce to 1 cup boiling water. Let sit for 1 hour, strain and take with an equal amount of honey as a cough syrup or for hoarseness or a sore throat.
  5. Make a pectoral of sage.
  6. Make a chest poultice of boiled onions.
  7. Induce sweating.
  8. Take a hot bath with eucalyptus in the water.
  9. Drink mullein flower tea.

Fever Remedies

  1. Drink chamomile tea or warm lemonade to reduce fever.
  2. Make a tea of yarrow, angelica, mulberry leaves, barberry berries, elder flowers.
  3. For chills, take fresh ginger root.
  4. Take cayenne pepper to warm the body.

Earache Remedies

  1. Many earaches are offshoots of colds, flu or other congestion. If this is the case, reduce the mucus and phlegm with a tea of golden seal, purple cone flower, eye bright, or elder flowers.
  2. In mild cases or while you are waiting for a medical treatment to take effect, try using a hair dryer, on its cooles setting and held a good six inches away, to blow warm air into a child’s  
  3. A warm heating pad on the pillow can ease mild earaches.
  4. Make an infusion or tincture of mullein and use it cold as ear drops.
  5. Use oil of fennel or bruised fennel seeds, applied externally to ease an earache.
  6. Combine equal parts white wine gar and rubbing alcohol and put one or two drops in each ear three times  a day as an antiseptic to prevent ear infections or so called swimmer’s ear.

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