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Remedies Against Impotence

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Few health problems trouble a man like those that make him question his very maleness. And impotence the inability to achieve or maintain an erotic is one of them. Here are some home remedies against impotence:

Use it or lose it
Erections bring large amount of oxygenated blood into the penis. As you get older, these do not occur as often and, consequently, there is oxygen deprivation. As a result, all that smooth muscle becomes progressively replaced with scar tissues.

Those penises that are involved in sexual intercourse will probably retain their tone over a longer period of time. If you are already having trouble maintaining an erection, you may improve your performance by placing a rubber band around the base of your penis just before intercourse.

The rubber band helps close off veins that are supposed to clamp shut after you become sexually excited and your penis is engorged with blood. Just don’t put the rubber band on too tightly or forget to remove it after sex. The rubber band should be snug, but no tight.

Every medical student knows that calcium is needed to cause muscular contraction and that it plays some role in potency. Most experts say calcium supplementation of up to 2,500 milligrams daily is safe. Doses above this are not recommended. You can also get calcium from milk, yogurt and green leafy vegetables.

Food and drink give a lift

Several foods shop up in our patients recommendations for putting an end to impotence. In fact, several factors, including food, can determine whether you are likely to suffer from impotence. Those factors that induce or hasten the occurrence of vascular disease, like high blood pressure, type A personality, obesity, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking and family history, all those known cardiac risk factors are the same risk factors that produce early impotence.

The penis is a vascular structure, erection is a vascular phenomenon and those things that retard the occurrence of cardiovascular disease will also retard the occurrence of impotence. The world “vascular” refers to anything having to do with blood vessels.

That means doing things like eating a low fat diet, getting regular exercise and quiting smoking can help the impotence. A glass or two of a drink containing alcohol can calm the performance anxiety that leads to impotence among some.

But encouraging words and kind acts from a supportive partner have as much or more effect. “A man” state of mind and a woman’s contribution to that state of mind can make a big difference.

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