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Relief From Heater Seeker

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Relief From Heater Seeker

Almost instinctively, many survey participants seek out sources of heat to keep their joints warm and comfortable. Whether it’s a heating pad, hot water bottle, steaming dishwater, balmy beach, goose down sleeping bag or pile-lined sweatsuit, about 80 percent of those use heat say it works wonders.

“If my fingers and wrists hurt, i’ll offer to do the evening dishes” says a woman from Baltimore. Of course, it helps that her husband is always ready to oblige her by letting her do the dishes!

”I use the whirlpool at the YMCA” says a pacient.

”After I’ve been in pool for a few minutes and i am warmed up, i do range-of-motion exercises that help to keep my joints flexible. The buoyancy and warmth provided by the water really make these exercises easier for me to do”

” When i’m trying to fall asleep, illus a heating pad on my bangor whatever i hurt most” says another pacient. ”It eases the pain enough so that i can sleep”

As a safety matter, you shouldnt fall asleep when you are using a turned heating pad. If you are panning to use a heating pat at bedtime, invest in a timer that will automatically switch off the pad after several minutes. Better yet, use a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth, which will cool down on its own.

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