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Relaxing Feet Through Reflexology

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Before feet treatment commences a detailed medical history will be taken. Your practitioners will take a full case history that is to know about you and your health, from your health, from your physical symptoms and sleeping habits to all aspects of your lifestyle, and your emotional condition.

This allows your therapist to focus on the kind of treatment which will be appropriate to you as an individual, and to determine whether it is appropriate for reflexology treatment to be given.

You will be seated in a reclining position so that you are comfortable with your back, neck, and legs well supported, and with the feet raised so that the practitioner can comfortably work on them. Unless it is impossible for some reasons , your reflexologist will treat your feet.

An examination of the feet is the first step, and than your practitioner usually wipes them with moist wipes to remove superficial dirt or to cool the feet on a hot day. Signs of hard skin, corns, cracks between the toes, an area of infection such as a verruca, and nail problems will all be identified.

A small amount of talcom powder may be massaged onto the feet. Talc is often used for treatment as it will absorb moisture if the feet are a bit wet, and make them smooth if they are very dry. Some practitioners may use oils instead, but this is not always advised. General massage will be given to the feet to enable you to get used to the practitioner’s touch and also to help you to relax.

Once you are used to having your feet worked, the practitioner will explain how the treatment is to be given; reassurance will be offered if you are concerned about experiencing any pain. Reflexology is not painful; tender areas are treated gently and the feeling tends to be soothing rather than sore. A precise soothing technique will than be applied to all of the reflex points in both feet.

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