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Red Wine’s Special Antiaging Powers

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Why is red wine more anti aging than other forms of alcohol? Simple. Red wine has lots of antioxidants. You have  probably heard of the French Paradox.

It claims the French can eat a lot of fat without suffering a smidgen of the heart disease Americans and other Westerners do because the French drink red wine with meals, which counteracts the expected damage from fatty foods.

Whether this is true is controversial, but it is certain that antioxidants are plentiful in wine, particularly red wine, and they do enter your bloodstream in large quantities when you drink wine.

White wine has some antioxidants, but red wine has far more because during the fermentation of red wine, but not white wine, the colorful skins and seeds, the source of the antioxidants, are left in the mix, and the antioxidants are released into the finished wine.

One of red wine’s greatest antioxidant weapons is a specific compound, known as catechins, also present in tea. These catechins have ranging benefits:

They can block oxidative changes that allow LDL cholesterol to infiltrate artery walls, promoting clogging; inhibit platelet aggregation that foments blood clots; relax blood vessels, inhibit tumors, bacteria and viruses, help protect the liver and fight inflammation.

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