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Reading Your Body Signals

Posted by on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 15:51
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The more adept I have become at reading my body map, the more accurately I am able to interpret my body’s guidance.

The more I act on this wisdom, the more change I enjoy, real change, flesh-and-blood change. The touch I receive from massage and body work helps me pay closer attention to my body.

I take the experiences to my “talking” therapist, who then helps me put my experiences into words. In tandem, body work and talking therapy have broken through my intellectual head games and brought healing down into my body, into my psyche, into my soul, into myself.

As a consequence, my anxiety attacks have grown less intense and occur less often. Feelings once trapped beneath the mask of my depression are more fully expressed and enjoyed. Through regular  sessions, my muscles release the stress and tension accumulated through a fast-paced lifestyle. Haunting mysteries of past traumatic experience are coming clear, finally giving me the opportunity to put those old ghosts to rest.

I am still on a journey of healing and growth. My problems were not solved overnight, but the positive changes I now enjoy in all areas of my life have been possible because of the healing that has taken place and continues to take place between me and my body.

I was so impressed with the changes in my own life that, five years after my introduction to body work, I received training to become a body worker myself. In the past several years, I have worked with many clients who also have benefited from believing their bodies and receiving the healing power of touch. I now travel across the country leading workshops for those who are open to learning from the wisdom of the body.

I believe that body work can facilitate a more stress-free, healthy life in the present, as well as be a powerful healing agent of wounds and memories of the past. Milton Trager, the founder of Tragerwork®, a form of body work, says, “Every shimmer of tissue is sending a message to the unconscious mind in the form of a positive feeling experience. It is the accumulation of these positive patterns that can offset the negative patterns to where the positive can take over.”

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