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Quit Smoking Technique

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Cigarettes kill many more people through heart disease and stroke than through cancer.

Think of people you know who died of heart attacks or strokes before that age 50, or even 60. How many of those smoked?

Probably most of them. For people with high blood pressure, smoking is especially dangerous.

–  They speed up the clogging of the arteries
–  They speed up the action of the heart, and constrict blood vessels, which can push up blood pressure
–  They can make the heartbeat irregular, which can be dangerous.

If you smoke, you probably mean to quit. The question is, how? If you have tried already and didn’t make it, you may not feel good about your chances. But think of past attempts as learning opportunities. Of the millions who have quit, most had to try more than once they were cigarette free for life.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use the nicotine patch. If you follow the directions carefully, it can help you overcome your physical dependence on nicotine during the early weeks.
  2. If you have any doubts about it, ask your doctor.
  3. If you have previously tried the patch and it didn’t help, talk to your doctor about a medication called Zyban. which many people find helpful.
  4. Expect to go through some rough times during the first weeks but keep telling yourself it is worth. Talk to people who have already quit. They will assure you that you are doing one of the best things you possibly could for your health.
  5. Tell yourself That you don’t have a choice. Quiting is essential.
  6. When ether you are using the patch or not, follow these suggestions:
  • Set a date for quitting.
  • Prepare substitutes, low calories food, treats that give you pleasure and activities to distract you.
  • Plan ahead for any situations that you feel may tempt you to smoke. Avoid those situations, or prepare for them by planning what you will say or do to defend yourself against temptations.
  • When a craving hits, move! Walk to another room . Do something. Take a drink of water. Talk to a friend. Look at your watch the cravings will get shorter as the days go by.
  • Breathe deeply. Breathe in slowly while you count silently to five. Hold your breath while you count to five again. Breathe out on the count of five.
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