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Most people start fires for reasons that have nothing whatever to do with Pyromania. Fires are set for profit (collecting insurance after arson) to hide a crime, to exact revenge, as a particularly destructive form of vandalism, as a political or terrorist act, or to gain attention.

Occasionally, fires are set by psychiatric patients in response to delusions ir command hallucinations. The distinguishing characteristic of Pyromania is that the fires are started exclusively for the love of fire. You have repetitive and seemingly irresistible gain involved except the excitement of making something burn and watching the consequences.

The person usually has a long history of being a “fire bug” often from childhood. You love fires, firefighters, fire stations, and fire fighting equipment, and monitor police radio to find the locations of fires so that you can be one of the first to get there.

When you are not starting actual fires, you set off false alarms so that you can enjoy watching the fire personnel and equipment in action. You have a real taste for it there is a strong sense of  urgency before and then a thrill is seeing the flames of roar. Afterward you feel remorse, particularly if a person if a person or animal has been caught  in the fire.

Because the problem is recurrent and persistent, one individual may wind up setting literally hundreds of fires. these can cause devastating property damage and result in inadvertent murder. Treatment for Pyromania.

Although The track record for treatment of Pyromania has been spotty, it is certainly worth a try because the potential consequences of the behavior are so devastating both for the person and his potential victims. This is not to say, of course, that receiving Pyromania treatment should relieve the individual of criminal responsibility for his acts especially since it is unclear whether any treatment will lessen future recidivism.

The therapist will work with you to determine the events, environmental triggers, feelings, and behaviors that are associated with your urges to set fires. The goal is to help you identify when your impulse to set fires is building up early enough to do something about it and to learn alternative ways for discharging the tension.

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    Is it a problem if I like fires?

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