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Preventing A Suicide In A Depressed Teen

Posted by on Monday, November 23, 2009, 13:41
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The first thing to be aware of is her mental state. Watch for warning signs and ask her how she is feeling. If you think she might be contemplating suicide, ask her about it. Watch for evasive answers and persist until you get real response.

If your child tells you she he is thinking about killing herself, don’t panic. She needs you to be able to reassure her and to help her cope worth the situation. But don’t act totally blase either you don’t want het to get the idea that you don’t care. Do not promise her that you won’t tell anyone.

Let her know that you understand she must be in a great deal of emotional pain, but that you also know she will not always feel this way. Tell her that she does not have to feel guilty about this pain, that it isn’t her fault. She does not need to feel ashamed of her pain or of her suicidal thoughts.

Tell her that she can be treated, that she will definite feel better. Don’t promise that the improvement will be immediate or even soon, but reasume her that you will be there to help her through the process. Make sure she knows that the way she is feeling is temporary, but that suicide is permanent.

Let your daughter know how much you love her and how devastating it would be to you and other family members if she killed herself. Tell her some specific ways she knows that the way she has enriched your life. Hold her hand, hug her, use your body language to show that you care.

Don’t leave her alone. It only takes a moment to go into the bathroom and find a razor blade or a bunch of pills. You have probably already locked up or gotten rid of any lethal medications or firearms in the house. If not, get someone to do this while you stay with your daughter.

Ask your daughter to promise that she won’t kill herself within a certain period of time.

Get her to make a promise she can keep. Don’t ask her to promise never to kill herself. This is too big a thing for someone to commit to. She can say to herself, “I didn’t know I would ever feel this bad when i told her that.” Instead, get her to promise that she will talk with you, in person, before she attempt suicide. The “in person” par is important. You don’t want her calling you from a pay phone or a e-mailing you about this. This is a promise that many teens have to parents or therapists and have kept.

Get help. If she says she has been thinking about killing herself but doesn’t have a plan or doesn’t think she would really do it, get her to a therapist, family doctor or pediatrician. If she was a more definite plan, exhibits some of the warning signs outlined above or cannot reassure you that she will not kill herself, take her to an emergency room.

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