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Prevent or Correct Cellulite

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Cellulite is the presence of orange peel skin or what is called the mattress phenomenon, which is characterized by flatish protrusions and depressions of the skin. It is a cosmetic problem that commonly appears on the thighs and buttocks of women, indicating the adipose( fat cell) tissues has undergone degenerative changes.

Through not related to obesity, excess weight can accentuate this condition. Through ultrasonic analysis of the upper thigh and buttock tissues, a number  of conclusions have been formed about cellulite. The lymps, bumps, pitting, and deformation is attributed to a deterioration of the dermal matrix  and capillary network, which leads to localized fluid retention.

An increased concentration of glycosaminoglycans has been found in cellulite tissue, which leads to water retention. Also, there are changes in the ground substance (material that occupies intercellular spaces in fibrous connective tissue). In some cases it is possible that localized water retention results from inflammation, because inflammatory cells have been seen near the fat cells.

As we age, the layer just below the dermis becomes thinner and looser, allowing more fat cells to migrate into the dermal layer. The connective tissue walls between fat cells become thinner, allowing the fat cells to enlarge. Toxins build up over time in the dermal layer, which is related to decreased lymphatic drainage, and consequently, waste and water collect around the fat cells. All this creates the peau d’orange , orange peel appearance.

Correcting cellulite calls for a varied intervention. The goals are to increase lymphatic drainage, strength capillaries, decrease glycosaminoglycan accumulation, prevent degeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, and decrease subcutaneous fat.

Correction of cellulite may be accomplished through liposuction ( if you have the money and the courage) or gradual weight loss, if that is needed (fast weight loss may worsen the condition due to rapid shrinking of fat cell), dietary changes, exercise, brush massage, professional massage, nutrient supplementation, topical and oral herbal prescriptions, and detoxification of the body. These approaches take dedication, but they work , and most important, they correct underlying problems that could lead to greater health challenges in years to come.

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