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Prevent Cystitis Attacks

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If your life is currently a misery because of attack after attack of cystitis, none of which seems to respond satisfactorily to medical cystitis treatment, you may feel it quite beyond your power to alter the situation.

Rather than resigning yourself, though to a future centring upon frequent visits to the loo, fatigue, pain, time off work, worry about social outings because of embarrassing symptoms and what it is wise or unwise to eat or drink not to mention a scrappy love life, now is the time to start believing that you can bring attacks to an end.

You have to see a cystitis free future as an attainable goal, because you need a strong incentive to make the changes necessary to bring it about. You won’t solve the problem overnight , especially if you have had bladder problems for years.

The many possible causes all need to be considered in turn, to decide which may apply to you, and relevant ones eliminated perhaps for weeks or months before you achieve results.

Here are four tips you should consider to prevent cystitis attacks:

How do i use the toilet
This is a highly intimate , private matter, and certainly not one you are likely to discuss with anyone else. The correct direction in which to use it is from front to back, starting just behind the genital area and ending behind the anus, but most people have a strong tendency to wipe in the opposite direction.

Sex life
To avoid having your urethral opening brought into contact with  harmful bacteria during love making. you need to draw up some around rules with your partner beforehand. It is also a good idea to wash and dry the whole perineal area before making love.

Do i wash enough?
Few people would dream of asking themselves this question, we all like to consider our personal habits impeccable. But you need to be more scrupulous than most people about every aspect of intimate hygiene if you are going to bring all possible guns to bear on bacterial cystitis.

Should i be using tampons?
Because vaginal tampons strings are yet another possible source of urethral bacteria, the only solution is to wear external sanitary towels at least until you see whether things inmprove as a result.Towels cover the whole area from the urethra to around the anus, and may see, to provide an easy passageway for invading germs.

Unlike tampons strings, though, that shift freely between anus and vagina and urethra when you move, towels remain in place and are neither more nor less likely to spread germs than are panties or a bikini bottom.

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