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Preparing Juice Combinations for Speed Healing

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Preparing Juice Combinations for Speed Healing

1- Purchase organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables when possible, or grown your own. Or be sure to peel and wash produce very thoroughly. Use very small amounts of fresh herbs in your juices,since they are so potent .

2- Strong-flavored vegetables like turnips,rutabaga,broccoli,parsley,onions,and celery should be juiced in small amounts, for example,1/4 turnip would be sufficient  per glass.Foods that have a high-water content should be your base ,like carrots,cabbage,apples and grapes.

3- Alternate your foods and herbs everyday to receive all the healing and prevention benefits.Do not mix sweet fruit juices with vegetable juices;only a juiced apple may be added to vegetable juice.

4- It is best to make your juice right before consuming it.You can store it for 24 hours,if  it is kept at almost freezing, but not completely frozen.

5- If you are using herbs in capsules, mix 1/2 glass distilled water with 1/2 glass juice and stir the capsule contents into your drink or use the extract form which is more potent.

6- Green drinks are very powerful and so many cause nausea and headaches at first. Green foods are nature’s most protective medicine. They detoxify the organs, reduce tumors and act to overcome all toxic substances in the body. Dilute vegetable drinks with distilled water and sip slowly.

Drink your fruit juices in the morning and dilute them with half distilled water or herb tea. Diabetics and hypoglycemics should avoid sweet fruit juices, but may be used apple and cranberry and any other fruit low-sugar fruit juices to add to herbal juices. Bok Choy a Chinese cabbage may be used in place of cabbage and beet greens, spinach, garlic, and parsley are rich in magnesium, making them good for endurance and stamina for those who exercise.

7- You may drink as many live juices as you wish. It is wise to drink at least 4 glasses per day for speed healing and 2 glasses for health maintenance. Nothing else on our planet supplies the body with so many needed substances like live vegetables. fruits and herbs to enhance speed healing.

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