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Pregnancy Problems Diet

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Low birth weight, pre eclampsia, anemia, miscarriage, malformations, and premature labour can all be influenced by what you eat and pregnancy problems .

Too much or too little food can lead to problems, as can deficiencies of individual nutrients. Eat nutritious foods and avoid wasting your intake on “empty” calories.

Being overweight before pregnancy leads to a high risk of pre eclampsia. But do not start a weight reducing diet while pregnant, just avoid “empty” calories.

Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamins A, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, C, E, and flavonoids, iron, manganese, zinc, and essential fatty acids. Zinc deficiency is frequently found in mothers of stillborn babies, and low zinc levels have been associated with premature births and certain malformations.

Women with pre-eclampsia may have low levels of vitamin B6 or may be getting insufficient calcium. Foods rich in magnesium may help prevent pre-eclampsia as well. Low vitamin E levels may lead to threatened or recurrent miscarriage.

Foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and essential fatty acids may help prevent premature labour. A folic acid deficiency can cause low birth weight and possibly certain malformations. Flavonoids may help prevent miscarriage and pre term labour.

Avoid alcohol because there is no known safe amount to drink  excessive alcohol makes low birth weight more likely and it may also hinder conception. Never eat undercooked meat because of the risk of toxoplasmosis, an infection that could harm your baby.

Avoid soft cheese and poorly stored or re-heated cook chilled food. Before labour begins, and in early labour, eat high fibre foods, low in added sugar, to maintain your blood sugar levels and reduce
weakness and fatigue. Raspberry leaf tea may help make your labour easier.

Chamomile and raspberry leaf tea, and foods rich in vitamin B6 help alleviate morning sickness, and lime blossom tea is useful for raised blood pressure, vitamin B6; calcium, magnesium; lime
blossom tea. (For miscarriage) vitamin E, and flavonoids; zinc; raspberry leaf tea. (For malformations) folic acid; zinc. (For pre-term birth) flavonoids; calcium, magnesium, zinc; essential fatty acids. (For low birth weight) folic acid.

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