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Pregnancy Advice

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The question every mother to be ask is, “What can i do to have a healthy baby?” There are a few basic things you should know .

During pregnancy, it is simply not possible to get enough vitamins and minerals to sustain your needs an those of your developing baby’s by food alone. therefore, your doctor or natural healer should prescribe a supplement of essential vitamins and minerals.

Since anything you eat or drink can cross the placenta, please do not take any medication or supplements unless it is under the supervision of your doctor or natural healer.

Eating for two –  The nutritional demands of pregnancy are extraordinary both for healthy development of the bay and to maintain the health of the mother. Remember, a developing baby will get the nutrients it needs for growth at the mother’s expense, if necessary.

Protein needs during pregnancy increase also. However, in the United States women can get the needed protein from milk, meat, fish, tofu, poultry, or cheese, without drastically changing their diets.

Since constipation is a common problem in pregnancy, getting enough fiber from bran, fruits, prunes, and raw vegetables is important. Proper diet , along with enough fluids, daily exercise, as stress free environment, and sufficient sleep will all help to achieve a successful pregnancy and delivery. Hemorrhoids are one of the more unpleasant effects pregnancy has on the body. Diet can go a long way in controlling this condition. Unprocessed bran, lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will add fiber to the diet and drinking lots of water will help soften the stool.

Weight gain is important to nourish the fetus, but obesity increases the changes of complications, and should be considered before a woman becomes pregnant.

If heartburn is a problem, eat small more frequent meals rather than three large meals a day. Mint tea can help relieve the gassy feeling.

What to avoid –  What is not good for you is not good for the baby. The list of things to avoid includes alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and illegal drugs. Alcohol is one drug that should be avoided by all pregnant woman. Because the first to months after conception are so critical, and since optimal amounts of alcohol have not been determinant, anyone planing a pregnancy should stop drinking before attempting conception.

Smoking is another habit that should be eliminated before conceiving. Smoking can cause problems before, during, and after your pregnancy. Some studies show that smokers may have more difficulty becoming pregnant, and others show that it can increase the chance of first  trimester miscarriage, and/or premature labor. The conclusion:  Making during pregnancy appears to result in neurodevelopmental impairment.

It isn’t only women who affect their babies by smoking. The number of sperm and the percentage of motile sperm decrease significantly in smokers, according to how much the man smokes ans the duration of his smoking habit. Paternal smocking in particular, appears to increase the risk of birth defects and childhood cancer in offspring.

Conclusion: Paternal smiking  appears to result in damage not only to their own DNA but also to the DNA of their sperm, an effect that may reverberate down future generations.

I advice women to avoid caffeine during pregnancy. Some studies suggest that caffeine intake before and during pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.

Illegal drug use should stop before you conceive, and most certainly the moment the pregnancy begins. Even some over the counter drugs can effect a developing baby, so it is very important to tell your doctor about every medicine you are taking. Some drugs can damage a fetus in the first few weeks before the pregnancy is confirmed, so anyone planing a pregnancy should discuss this issue with a doctor even before conception occurs.

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