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Practising the Relaxation Technique

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For the most successful results, practise the ‘Body Scan‘ relaxation once, preferably twice, every day, for at least a month. After that, you may alternate the ‘Body Scan‘ with any other relaxation or meditation method if you wish.

To achieve this daily practice, you need to make a promise to yourself to set aside 20 min, or so , actually making the time for relaxation. Now, this may seem easy, but it’s amazing how many excuses we can find for not taking this time out!

Don’t underrate your mind’s ability to sabotage your good intentions, even though you know inside yourself it will be to your benefit. Be firm with yourself and make it an absolute priority to keep your relaxation appointment.

When you begin to let go at the start of the relaxation process, as your body settles you may become aware of a little localized twitching in your body or eyelids. This will soon pass and is best ignored. As you relax, occasionally you may also become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, perhaps feelings of sadness at your pain.

Again, be glad of the opportunity to release this negativity because, once allowed to surface, you become free of it. Just quietly continue with the ‘Body Scan’ or with diaphragmatic breathing and you will soon progress to deeper relaxation where thoughts and feelings become quiet.

Soon you will find such benefit from ‘Body Scan’ relaxation that you will look forward to your session and will do it because you enjoy it and find it so pain-relieving and refreshing. The ‘Body Scan’ is also extremely good to use last thing at night to help you ease into deep, peaceful sleep, or for those times when you wake up and are unable to drop back off to sleep. Take yourself through the ‘Body¬† Scan’ and you can be sure you will be asleep before you have completed it.

If you live in a busy household, do tell your family and friends you need to set aside 20 min. or so each day when you won’t be disturbed. Explain it is part of a new programme to help you control your pain. They will understand and appreciate it when they begin to see the beneficial results.

Training yourself to use diaphragmatic breathing and the ‘Body Scan’ gives you the means of relaxing deeply at any time without having to use a tape recorder and a recorded relaxation cassette, which, although useful, may often be inconvenient, for example, at night, in company or when away from home.

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