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Panic Attacks Remedies

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Panic Attacks Remedies

Sudden panic of intense anxiety in which the person may not be able to function. Attacks seem to come out of nowhere, and can become a chronic recurring problem. This should be treated by an experienced practitioner. The acute attack itself may respond to one of several panic attack remedies.

Among them are:

Aconitum nepallus (Monkshood)

Intense fear and even hysteria is very prominent.The person is convinced that they will die, and may even profess to know exactly when death will occur. Hysteria may present with paralysis, rapid breathing, intense restlessness. Typically worse around midnight, but can occur at any time.

Arsenicum album

This remedy picture can appear much like Aconitum, but the restlessness is even more profound, driving them from place to place with no relief. They are demanding and need to have people around. Things must be put in order (fastidious) in order for them to control the panic and chaos that they feel inside.


People needing opium can appear quite frightened and characteristically may become dazed, sleepy, or even stuporous. The pupils of the eyes are likely to be constricted.


The picture may be one of intense fear, appearing even delirious. The person is red, flushed, agitated, and may be in very frenzy to run away, to escape, to hide. The pupils are likely to be dilated.

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