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Ovary Cancer Treatment

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There are many types of ovarian tumors, and their behaviour can range from virtually benign to the most malignant. Many of these tumors are cystic and grow rapidly in size, but it should be noted that sheer size bears no relationship to the degree of malignancy.

The initial symptoms may be no more than an increase abdominal distension, or may arise from pressure on adjacent pelvic organs, giving rise to bladder and bowel irregularity and a bearing down sensation.

The initial treatment of choice is removal of the tumor, which must include removal of the womb and the other ovary because such tumors tend to be bilateral. These tumors spread predominantly by seeding to the liver and throughout the abdominalcanity, producing a massive accumulation of fluid.

Depending upon the precise histology the more anaplastic, the more rapidly growing, some ovarian cancers show  a good response to either radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In advanced cases with current tense acites requiring repeated aspiration of the ascitic fluid fro patient comfort, some retardation can be anticipated from the intraperitoneal injection of a cytotoxic drug, and thio-tepa is usually used from this purpose.

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