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Organic Foods

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Organic Foods

Buying organic foods is a vote for a certain kind of agriculture that replenishes the soil, and protects the water supply and the people who work hard in the fields. Many people believe that organic foods offer extra nutrition. To be honest, we don’t know. The nutrient content of a food is determined more by genes, the climate, when it was picked and how it was shipped and stored than by the type of fertilizer used or soil which it was grown .

Organic foods often cost more, and produce may not look as perfect as the kind you find in supermarket. Those who do buy ogranic say that the flavour is better. It’s a personal choice and an environmentally friendly decision.Fresh fruit and vegetables contain essential nutrients that may actually help your body resist disease, prevent cancer and resist the ravages of chemical pollution. Organic or not, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

How to give kids spinach
You can’t force kids to eat foods they don’t like, but you can persuade them- subtly. If they’re old enough, suggest that they help you prepare the vegetables for supper. When you’ve actually peeled the carrots yourself , it’s tough to say no when they show up on the plate. Speaking of carrots, kids like vegetables that are  brightly coloured and crunchy. Carrots, of course, but also red pepper strips, snow peas, broccoli flowers, new green beans, the list goes on. Kids often prefer their veggies raw-less work for you!
Tell your kid they’re going skinny-dipping! Just mix equal parts of low -fat mayonnaise and low -fat yogurt, and season to taste with ketchup powdered soup mix.

Calciferous veggies are said to help in protecting against certain forms of cancer. Calciferous comes from the word “cross”. These vegetables have  a cross-shaped flower. They include cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi (the vegetable that looks like sputnik), kale and turnips.
Fruit gets sweeter with age. Vegetables get starchy. As fruit matures, it’s starch is converted into sugar. As vegetables mature, the sugar turns into starch, and they become drier and mealier.

A tip to help fruit ripen faster
Don’t put fruit out in the sun because heat and light can cause nutrient loss. Instead, punch some holes in a brown paper bag, put the fruit inside and leave it in a cool place. Adding an apple to the bag also speeds up the ripening process. Apples give off ethylene, a natural gas that causes fruit to ripen. In fact, this gas is often used to ripen fruit on its way from orchard to table. It isnt’ harmful. Because of this ripening action. apples need to be kept away from fruit that is already at its peak. Keeping fruit in the fridge will slow the ripening process.

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