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Oregano Cure For Cellulitis

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This is defined as large scale inflammation and infection of the layers of skin cells. To explain this further, a boil or acne is skin infection, but it is localized.

With cellulitis, the infection and inflammation spread in an uncontrolled fashion. Cellulitis occurs when microbes overwhelm the structural and immunological defenses within the skin tissues.

Normally, surface infections are readily walled off within the skin tissues to prevent dissemination.

Obviously, cellulitis is a potentially serious illness, because blood poisoning may occur.

Erysipelas is a variant of cellulitis usually affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the face and neck.

It is evidenced by extreme inflammation, pain, hot sensation, and bright redness of the skin (the prefix ery is derived from the Greek erythros, rred) accompanied by fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting.

This of infection is more common in adults than impetigo, in fact, it primary victims are the elderly. It is caused by strep infection.

Treatment protocol

Apply oil of oregano over the involved region by dabbing geni with a saturated cotton ball. Discard after use. Repeat at least daily.

Take a few drops of oil of oregano twice daily in milk, ji or water. Also, take Oregamax, three capsules three times daily.

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  1. 15 September, 2010, 15:23

     My  husband has cellulitis and the infected area is very painful.    do i have to dilute oil of oregano before applying on the area.  The oil of oregano we have says it is in a base of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

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