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Nine Steps to Cure Cybersex Habits

Posted by on Monday, September 21, 2009, 17:20
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Nine keys are to change your pattern of behaviors and Cure Cybersex Habits.

To disrupt the rituals you have developed around sex and the internet.

You have to identify and triggers that are likely to remind you to repeat you behavior, and you need to avoid those triggers.

1. Admit to yourself that you may have a problem with your internet behavior when it comes to sex. The act of “making room” within you for this possibility, creates the potential for change to occur.

2. Create a written list of specific behaviours you are uncomfortable with. List those things you do online that may be out of control. If you are logging on to an adult website, speding too much time in chat rooms, engaging in cybersex, or having a real time affair with someone you met online, identify which would you like to change

3. Develop a daily behaviour list. Pick some specific behavior you will do differently every day even it it represents a small change. You want to begin to create a momentum to change so it can spread to other behaviors and eventually to your whole pattern. Do not give up. Stay with it.

4. Identify your bottom line behaviors. The next step is to decide what you absolutely have to change and what you will not tolerate doing any longer.

5. Nothing new can happen if you don;t replace old patterns with new behaviors. Make room for new actions in your romantic life. Try to change even small things that can start the process of change.

6. Begin to wean yourself from online relationships, try to limit your time online. User a timer or clock near your computer. Remember, there is a significant time distortion that occurs when online, so there is a need to reintroduce real life time. Be more aware of time you spend online and offline.

7. Start to go out more. Spend time with couples whose relationships you admire. That to those people. Ask them what they do that improves the quality of their intimate life.

8. Remember that sex and intimacy are not the same. If you have problems in the sex department, that usually means that there are deeper emotional concers that should be addressed. The biggest of which usually involves communication. Spending quality time together and really communicating is essential. Set aside ten minutes a night for each of you to talk to the other. While you loved one talks, you listen. Don’t interrupt. Simply listen.

9. Consider marriage counseling or psychotherapy with a psychologist or other trained mental health professional.

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