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Natural Cures for Fever

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Experts say your soaring temperature is a by product of your immune system kicking into overdrive. A lot of symptoms are caused by your body mobilizing its defenses, and fever may be one of them.

When mercury hits 102 F for kids or 103 F for adults, it is probably time to take action. If your fever is accompanied by tiff neck, vomiting or disorientation, you should seek medical help immediately. It could be sign of meningitis. Meanwhile, here is how some handle the heat.

Here are some Fever Natural Cures:

Cooling liquids
After aspirin, emergency cooling measures are the most popular gestions. The liquids are tough to top because splashing on something cool water, alcohol, even vinegar increases evaporation from the skin and as a result, cools the body.

Evaporation cools the blood as it passes close to the surface of the body, particularly in those places where your pulse can be felt easily, like the wrists, armpits, groin and forehead. You would have more success cooling your body by putting some sort of liquid on those places than if you would put some on, say, your abdomen, where is a lot of fat in between the liquid and the blood flow.

Sweating will bring your body’s temperature down, but when you have a fever, but once you start to sweat, you should come out from under the blankets and actually wipe off the sweat. If you remove the sweat by drying off, you make more room for fluids to come out and evaporate

Hot tea
Like chicken soup tea has multiple benefits in fighting fever. The idea is that you are giving fluids, which is beneficial. It also increases the amount of sweating and probably increases the amount of evaporation from your skin.

There are all kinds of different benefits claimed for different herbal preparations, and there may very well be something to that, but probably most of the benefit id due to the fluid intake and maybe that something hot feel good when you are feeling lousy.

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