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Multiple Sclerosis Medications

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Multiple Sclerosis Medications

The drug which is able to modify the disease are :

1. Beta interferon. This is a useful drug which reduces sudden blazes and at the same time, slows down walk   towards the incapacity which can occur. It is thus employed for
. Forms of relapse of millisecond
. Patients presenting more than one attack per annum
. Re-establishment of the non satisfactory sudden blazes
. So new of the lesions are seen on the MRI

2. Glatiramer (copaxone or Co-polymer1).It is the synthetic shape of protein found in the myelin. It is managed like simple injection daily. It can be employed in the types of     relapse-handing-over when beta interf�ron cannot be employed and it reduces the rate of relapse by a third. side Effect-rinsing, brevity of breath

3. Natalizumab (tysabri).It was reported that this drug causes an side effect called leucoencephalopathy multi focal progressive. It is thus reserved only for those which do not     answer other medicines.

4. Novantrone.This is an anti drug of cancer and is also reserved for those with serious attacks, the disease quickly of progress which does not answer other drugs.
The drugs used for the reduction and the relief of symptom include –

1. Steroids of Cortico – Can be given orally or into intravenous. It reduces the ignition and shortens the sudden blazes.

2. Releasing muscular  – Baclofen and tizanidine reduce the `spasticity of muscle

3. To reduce the feeling of tiredness
. Amantadine
. Modanafil
. Aspirin

4. Anti depressors – Tolterodine  to order the urinary urgency and the frequency

5. Gabapentine. To order the symptoms of the feet burning `

6. physiotherapy – can help by preventing the wasting of muscle in a patient who is confined to insert or a wheel  chair,

7. The ergothtrapie – assistances a suffering patient of the incapacity to be able to take their time in a certain useful work and sometimes can even help by paying small invoices.
. Measurements of smartness include – with proportioned rest
. Sufficient exercise to prevent the wasting of the muscles
. Prevention of the exposure of D to extreme heat
. Well balanced mode

The periodic consultation helps the patient to come in extreme cases under the condition and to carry out a less unhappy life. The patient should learn how to face the disease near
Maintaining a routine normal as far as possible and maintaining their moral high, and being registered with groups of support.


When a patient suffers from the sudden serious attacks not answering the high amounts of the steroids, this treatment  a process of filtration of the blood of the patient is made to eliminate from the antibodies of blood. It must be only employed in the 3 months of the beginning of the nervous symptoms for the optimum advantage.

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