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Mono Treatment and Symptoms

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They vary a great deal, but the most common tend to be extreme fatigue and the need for a lot of sleep. Of course, if you are exhausted to begin with, it may be difficult to tell whether you problem is simply fatigue or whether it is mono disease.

However, when you are tired, you can usually pull yourself together and function pretty well when you want or need to do so. If you have mono, on the other hand, you may not be able to function even if you want very much to be awake and alert.

Other symptoms of infectious mononucleosis include swelling of the lymph glands, headaches, and a very severe sore throat. There may also be a skin rash and, in some cases, enlargement of the liver and/or spleen.

Sometime you may have e fever, and with a severe sore throat this may be confusedĀ  with a strep throat. It is important to have this condition diagnosed by a physician, which he or she will do via a physical exam and a blood test.

How is Mono treated?

With lots of rest and a good diet. These simple instruction are important. If a patient doesn’t get proper rest, avoid contact sports, and eat well, enlargement and possible rupture of the spleen could result.

How serious is that?
While rupture of the spleen would mean emergency surgery, one can live a normal life without this organ. But who needs complications like that?

Many teens with mononucleosis risk such complications by resuming normal activities soon. It is sad but true that mono seems to strike at times when you don’t really have time to be sick such as around exam time or graduation. Yet sufficient rest is vital to complete recovery.

Mono can be recover in a week a month, it is highly individual matter. Your body will usually let you know when it is ready to function at full capacity again.

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