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Migraine Headache, Mental and Emotional Recommendations

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Counseling Therapies

Counselors who understand the interrelationships of attitudes, conditioned responses, emotional state, and migraine disease, as well as the dynamics of the change process can be enormously helpful.

Many people with headache and migraine disease feel trapped by their circumstances and the gulf between the way life is and the way it should be. Releasing the demands (the “shoulds”) with a strong dose of forgiveness can lead to rewarding and sometimes dramatic changes.

Biofeedback and Relaxation

Learning and regularly practicing biofeedback or any of the systematic relaxation approaches achieves a 50 to 80 percent reduction or elimination in both severity and frequency of migraine headache.

You can achieve the same results by learning and practicing regular meditation, eliminating or reducing your need for medication. Hypnosis, too, has significant success with headache. Self-hypnosis has been shown to be particularly helpful in children and teenagers.

Professional Care Therapies

Manual methods. Patients treated by chiropractic adjustment report greater relief: of pain compared to other manual methods.

Acupuncture in skilled hands can be very effective in migraine headache. In one study 40 percent of patients achieved a 50 to 100 percent reduction in severity and frequency of migraine episodes. Among the acupoints that can also be con- veniently used for acupressure are the following:

•    The ho-ku point in the soft tissue between the thumb and index finger;
•    The B2 point below the inner aspect of the eyebrow;
•    The GB2O and GV16 points over the spine and on both sides of the spine just below the back of the skull.

Therapeutic. Touch has been shown to provide a substantial, sustained improvement in headache patterns. Other energy therapies have success as well.

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