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Metabolic Herbs

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Milk Thistle

Unquestionably the most potent of all herbal detoxifiers, milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a must-have supplement for anyone concerned about blood sugar, liver health, pollution, chemical allergies, or cancer. In a dosage of 600 mg per day, it enabled people with liver cirrhosis due to diabetes to decrease the amount of insulin they needed .

As a liver medication, milk thistle slashed the death rate from cirrhosis by an astounding 50 percent and improved the outcome of hepatitis treatments. Daily supplements of 150—300 mg encourage the liver to make glutathione, one of the body’s best antioxidants. Doses of 400—800 mg are required for treating liver diseases.


Tea brewed from this herb (Trigonella foenumgraeCum) breaks up congestion and loosens phlegm when you have a cold, but the true medicinal talent of fenugreek rests in its seeds. In very large amounts (between 25 and 100 grams per day), pulverized seeds impressively reduce high blood fats and blood sugar for people with Type! and Type II diabetes.

The studies used defatted seeds that were incorporated into recipes. Supplements work well, too, but may be difficult to find in the necessary quantity. Taking smaller amounts, though, does provide some improvement in blood lipid measurements.

GYIvinema Sylvestre

Only a few experiments, all of them done in India, have tested the therapeutic ability of this herb, but I hope other scientists investigate the extract and find a similar potential. Gymnema sylvestre, according to reports, enables some people with Type I diabetes to cut their insulin needs almost in half. For people with the Type II form of the disease, the herbal extract may decrease the dosage requirements of their oral glucose drugs.  I’m currently giving 100 mg thrice daily to many of my Type II patients.

metabolic herbs

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