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Main Uses of Echinacea

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Echinacea  natural remedy can be used against many diseases such as:

General infections and wound healing – Use echinacea topically and internally
Cold or flu Рespecially before onset or in early stages, take a protective dose. Take a full course when experiencing  aggravated symptoms, if desired, put drops in ginger tea or sage and lemon peel tea.
Candidiasis– for an acute situation, take a full course, for long term use a tonix dose, and black walnut, garlic and pau d’arco.
Streat throat– use full course as a gargle, then swallow solution combined with usnea liquid extract add propolis.
Staph infections– take protective dose internally, apply locally full strength with usnea liquid extract.
Urinary tract infections – for cystitis and urethritis especially, take a full course, as needed.
Pelvic inflammatory – full course at maximum dose, stop for 3 days, then take another course as needed.
Tonsils – use protective dose as gargle, then swallow solution.
Upper respiratory – put diluted solution of tea or tincture in nasal spray bottle and spray on back of throat several times a day.
Infected wounds – keep area moist with tincture, full strength.
Burns – use maintenance dose topically and internally, may be used with calendula cream.
Herpes – use commercial creams or full strength tincture topically, internally use a protective dose during acute phases, and a tonic dose thereafter, especially during times of stress.
Skin ulcers – keep the area moist with tincture.
Psoriasis– take maintenance dose internally.
Whooping cough – full course during acute phases.For children under 5 reduce dose to 10 drops a day.
Bronchitis – take full course internally, amy add grindelia andyerba santa.
Leucopenia– take full course, however, this treatment works only for leucopenia due to radiation therapy and other causes not directly related to long term deficiency of immune function and general nutrition, malabsorption, or abusive life style.
Rheumatoid arthritis– take tonix dose for anti inflammatory effect, try taking a fever few tablet everyday.
Allergies– take tonix dose for food allergies, envirenmental sensivity, hay fever, and any other allergies not related to long term immune deficiency, can be used with goldenseal and eyebright tea or extract.
Toothaches and mouth and gum infections – gargle and swish extract, then swallow, apply full strength to infected area 3-5 times daily.
Bites and stings – apply full strength on the bite and take internally.
Blood and food poisoning – take large doses internally
Boils, carbuncles, abscesses – apply externally, and take full course internally.
Eczema – use maintenance dose internally.

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