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Low Fat Diets And Insulin Problems

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Low fat diets are bad for your health. If low fat diets really worked then there would be millions of slimmer, happier people around.

The media and food industry have given fat such a bad name that people are terrified to eat it, thinking they will put on weight.

Ironically, they turn to carbohydrate foods to replace the fats,  is precisely what actually makes their weight problem worse.

If you’ve got Insulin Resistance, and want to lose weight, you’ve got to make friends with the right fats, and ignore any media gossip  and that includes celebrity diets promoting a fat free existence.

Foods that boast being virtually or totally fat free have normally had carbohydrates (e.g. sugar) added to compensate for both taste and texture. What this means is that the so called ‘healthy option’ foods that have reduced fat are actually less insulin friendly than if they hadn’t been tampered with at all.

So next time you are out shopping, rather than looking for low fat look for sugar free. As further confirmation that low fat diets do not work, Walter Willett, MD, an eminent researcher at Harvard University, found that none of the low fat weight loss trials carried out over the past decade helped the participants lose weight.

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