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Lethal Sex And HIV

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Trade off logic explain why some sexually transmitted pathogens are more harmful than others. Competitors that exploit the hosts soon after infection will be able to generate more progeny, they may therefore win out in competition with nay other competitors within the host and may be if they exploited at a lower level .

They and we pay a price when they exploit intensively, but this price takes on a character that differs from that of the typical acute infectious disease. The tricks that sexually transmitted diseases employ in their long term persistence may eventually cause some essential part of the host machinery to fail. The particular part that fails usually depends on the parts of the body that the pathogen tends to inhabit.

Because HIV lives inside immune cells, the more aggressive variants of HIV tend to cripple the immune system.

HIV can be subdivided in several ways. The most basic subdivision is into the two main types: HIV – 1 and HIV – 2 had its formative period of evolution in central Africa, where the potential for sexual transmission has been variable but generally lower. Accordingly, ┬áHIV – 1 destroys the immune system and brings out AIDS more rapidly than HIV – 2.

Similar geographic patterns occur within each HIV type. HIV – 2 infections tend to be more benign in Senegal, where the potential for sexual transmission is relatively low, than in the Ivory Coast, where the potential for sexual transmission is higher. The sun types of HIV – 1 that occur in Thailand and in east central Africa, where the potential for sexual transmission has been high, appear to be particularly nasty.

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