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Learning Disorder Treatment

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No one is perfect in reading, writing, or arithmetic. Learning Disorders must be differentiated from normal variations in academic achievements as well as from scholastic difficulties due to a lack of educational opportunity, poor motivation, or inadequate teaching.

Learning disorder does not refer to the expectable range of strength and weaknesses in various school subjects that all of us have. For instance. a child who is a math whiz but relatively less excellent at reading does not have a Reading Disorder.

Parents and kids sometimes put too much pressure on themselves to be perfect at everything and may assume that anything less than great performance must constitute a problem. Learning disabilities usually require intensive educational remediation. Until recently, children with learning problems were often taught in segregated special education classes with the unfortunate side effect of stigmatizing them.

Remedial education now uses more of an “inclusion” approach special education teachers come to the classroom and work with entire class while devoting special attention to the learning disabled children.

It is crucial that the teaching approach be flexible and designed to match the strengths and weakness of the child. It does not make sense to teach reading by focusing on phonics for a child who has the most difficulty with auditory processing. Educational programs surmount specific processing problems by integrating several sensory modalities simultaneously.

For example, the child learning the alphabet would be encouraged to read, feel, speak aloud, write, and mime the letters. Supplementing school by providing a language rich environment at home can be very helpful for children with reading problems. Reading each day with your child can lead to improved reading skills.

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