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Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment

Posted by on Monday, October 5, 2009, 16:05
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If there is disturbed functioning of the gut wall, either increased or decreased permeability, of inflammation, then the cells lining the gut wall need to be repaired in order to achieve a return to optimal health. The healing methods for both conditions are the same, because the natural approach is to offer the cells of the gut wall what they need to stabilise themselves and repair damage.

If you offer them the correct conditions and nutrients, they will be able to repair both forms of malfunction.

The first course of action is to avoid foods, drinks, drugs and lifestyle habits which may be irritating the gut lining and causing inflammation which leads to increased permeability, or induces malabsorption. It is helpful to identify if there are any conditions which might be contributing, such as candida or parasites.

Once the causes have been eradicated certain nutrients can be taken, in therapeutic doses, which feed and help to repair the gut wall. It is interesting that, of all the cells in the body, the cells lining the gut wall do not principally feed from the bloodstream, but directly from the contents of the digestive tract.

This means that the quality of the diet intimately affects digestive health. It also means that any therapeutic agents are able to have a very direct effect on healing the tissues. The substances do not have to circulate around the body to get to where they need to be targeted.

There are a number of nutrients and specific formulations that can be helpful.

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