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Kidney Stones

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There is no doubt about it. Kidney stones hurt. The pain of passing one of these sharp crystals is enough to send anyone scrambling for ways to avoid a recurrence.

Those crystals are usually too big to pass through the tiny tubes through which urine exits the body.When they exit anyway, you are the first to know. Here are some kidney stone natural cures to reduce the risk for a recurrence.

Drink more water
Increasing water intake is a universal remedy. The more fluid passes through your kidney’s the more diluted the elements that can cause stones remain, so they are less likely to become concentrated and form the crystals that lead to stones. That holds for all types of kidney stones.

In addition to water, people say they drink cranberry juice, vegetable juice contrail, herb teas, mineral water, water mixed with vinegar, even beer, to prevent or flush out kidney stones. Beside providing fluid, do any of these drinks have additional beneficial effects?

These juices do acidify the urine, and the most common type of kidney stones calcium stones can dissolve with urine acidification. Acidic urine also causes less discomfort than alkaline urine as it passes through the bladder. That translates into less burning if you have a bladder infection.

Baking soda
Some say baking soda dissolved in water as a cure for kidney stones disease. That may seem odd, since baking soda is alkaline, and we just find out that acidic substances can dissolve stones. But for two types of kidney stones acid and cysteines making urine more alkaline does help dissolve the stones. Baking soda does large amounts of sodium, so if you have high blood pressure, you should use this treatment only under medical supervision.

Magnesium is a remedy that has been around for quite a while, but with little current scientific study to back it up.

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