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Is Having A Psychiatric Disorder My Fault?

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The answer is a resounding no but most people with a psychiatric problem tend themselves for having it. And, unfortunately, rigid social attitudes often reinforce this misconception by piling on unfair stigmatization.

No one holds anyone responsible for having diabetes or hypertension or heart disease or cancer, but there is a tendency  to look down on someone for being depressed, anxious, or addicted to a substance. W e somehow expect our self to have much more control over the illnesses of the mind than over the illnesses of the body.

This is illogical, unfair, unfair, unhelpful, and counterproductive. Having a psychiatric illness may be sign of lousy luck, but it is more an in diction of personal or more weakness than having any one of a hundred medical illnesses. Never blame yourself for having the problem. Only blame yourself if you don’t deal with it in the prudent way we suggest in the answer to the next question.

There is one crucial caveat that limits this seemingly blanket release from blame for mental illness. Having a psychiatric problem almost never relieves someone from responsibility for criminal or immoral behavior. There has been a recent ludicrous tendency to claim mental illness and victim hood as an excuse for all sorts of illegal and vile acts. Fortunately, this strategy usually fails in the courtroom and hopefully it will gradually fade from the talk shows.

Most people who do terrible things do not have a psychiatric problem, most people who do have a psychiatric problem never do terrible things. If you are in small minority of people with a psychiatric problem who do something terrible, you are not responsible for having the psychiatric problem but you are almost surely going to be held responsible for the terrible behavior.

People with psychiatric problems sometimes have to work extra hard to control impulses and be considerate of others, but this is part of the responsibility of being patient.

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