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Is Eating Less Fat Important in the Long Run?

Posted by on Friday, May 29, 2009, 14:02
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Eating less fat than the typical American diet is important-any dietitian or physician will tell you that. But that is not the same as eliminating fat from the diet. We need fat for many physiological functions, including hormone production.

A diet too low in fat can be very dangerous. Fats are not created equal, however. The type of fat that we are generally advised to limit is saturated fat butter, margarine, and other solid vegetable fats-and the animal fats found in red meat, whole milk, and so forth. We are encouraged to get the fat we need from unsaturated fats, such as canola, sesame, olive oils.

We are fortunate in that the issue of reducing fat in the diet is the focus of many health and general interest magazine, cookbooks, the cooking shows on tv, and many restaurants. There are even food magazine that specialize just in low-fat cooking.

Many restaurants provide nutrition breakdowns of selected menu items. You can order a dish and know how many total calories are in it, plus get a count of fat, carbohydrate, and protein grams. Food labelling also help, and many patients have commented that they appreciate being warned about the high fat content of many prepared foods, from frozen entrees to packaged desserts.

There  is so much information  about low-fat eating and your own physician can steer you in the right direction too . Better think about ways to make dietary adjustments slowly, so that a new way of eating can become permanent.

So rather than giving up your favorite foods, eat slightly different versions of them, lose weight and develop a more healthy attitude toward weight control. Eat smaller portions of food you enjoy, facilitated by the odor inhalers, and learn new ways to prepare your favorite foods. With all the healthy cookbooks available to us nowadays, this isn’t difficult to do. And you never need to count calories for again.

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