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You should see a doctor if you have insomnia orĀ  sleeping problems more than a few days a month or if your sleeping problem is associated with breathing problems such as heavy snoring or with depression or other mental problems.

Reducing stress and staying away from dinner coffee, tea or chocolate are among the many slumber inducing tactics i suggest. Here are some simple tips against insomnia :

Avoid monotony
If you have ever asleep during a church sermon or while studying for an exam, you know that boredom can lull your brain into unconsciousness. The oppositeĀ  distracting, relaxing activities allow the brain to naturally facilitate sleep. They beat trying to make yourself go to sleep, which takes active thinking and which fights your natural tendency to go to sleep.

Some researchers have found that hormonal mechanisms triggered during sexual activity help cure insomnia.

In wilder times, having a dog by your side during the night was something of a security blanket. You could sleep soundly, knowing your trusty companion, with its keen ears and sense of smell, could detect trouble on the way and sound the alarm.

These days, a pet or two in the bed functions more as, well, companionship for some people. Several studies shown that, in people with close attachment to animals, pets include calmness and reduce blood pressure. By focusing attention outside ourselves and our problems, animals can relieve the stress that is interfering with sleep.

Hot bath
An evening bath is a stress draining experience. Taking a bath an hour or two before bedtime increases the deep stage of sleep.

Milk helps you to sleep because it contains tryptophan, an amino acid-protein used in the body to manufacture seretonin, a calming brain biochemical.

Intravenously, magnesium does promote muscle relaxation, and i would speculate that oral doses work the same way.

Herbs have long been tucked into pillows, brewed into potions or ground into sleep including capsules. They remain popular as gentle promoters or sleep because they can work and because, properly used, they can produce less lingering drowsiness and fewer side effects than do prescription and over the counter sleeping pills.

Exercise helps to reduce stress and induce sleep by depleting biochemicals such as norepinephrine and epinephrine, which activate the body

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